Support Services

In most IT environments, only a small percentage of Help Desk service requests are resolved on the first call. Consequently, clients rarely have a positive image of Help Desks. MCS’s online remote support organization is modeled on MCs’s proven concept of the Help Desk as a solutions-driven team of service professionals who combine the expertise and efficiency of technicians with the visibility and tracking advantages of traditional Help Desks. Whether your business wants immediate, one-time access to urgent online support, a dependable ongoing outsourced Help Desk service provider, a transparent extension of your in-house Help Desk, or consulting expertise for creating or improving your own Help Desk, MCS can show you a cost-effective path to an effective solution.
MCS’s technicians offer clients in the Los Angeles Area, Orange County, and in cities nationwide a broad array of expertise covering the fundamental IT needs shared by most small and mid-size business environments. MCS’s core services include system support, MS Exchange consulting, IT security consulting and HelpDesk outsourcing and support. MCS’s Application Experts Team offers deep knowledge of strategic application areas. By providing a single source for IT generalists and experts, MCS can tailor quick, affordable and thorough IT solutions that align with the unique needs of your company.

Server Management Technology and Solutions

One of the most exciting new ways to help manage the growth of servers is virtual server technology, which allows multiple virtual servers to run on a single physical server. For all intents and purposes, virtual servers are functionally identical to having separate dedicated physical servers. Virtualization has the obvious advantage of saving hardware costs, since a single physical machine can take the place of multiple systems without the costs associated with purchasing and provisioning additional server equipment. But hardware consolidation is only one of the benefits of deploying virtual servers. Using virtual server technology, businesses can easily achieve server segmentation and isolation, and can enhance the manageability, fault-tolerance, and recoverability of line-of-business servers.


MCS offers virtual training for popular desktop applications and operating systems including Excel, Word, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Virtual training offers all the benefits of onsite seminars, such as real-time student/teacher interaction, but avoids travel costs and makes it easier to synchronize student schedules.